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Hillsborough County Petition
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Take ACTION! All Florida residents are encouraged to sign this petition to send a message to all County Commissioners. We must fight to have this ban repealed and need to work diligently to ensure it does not spread to other counties.

From Equality Florida:

County Overwhelmed by Emails, Calls and Faxes opposing ban
We don't have all the numbers yet but from the emails sent directly from the County website, 1801 people have email to oppose the ban and only 123 have email in support.
Many people who emailed Hillborough County to protest the ban recieved bounced email messages. Some where concerned that filtering systems where being used to keep our message from getting through. We've been assured that "gay" and other similar terms are not on a "nanny" filtering list.
Apparently the onslaught of emails crashed the County Commissioners' inboxes temporarily. More than 300 of our supporters sent faxes and likewise overwhelmed the commissioners offices.
If your email bounced or your fax failed to go through, please send again.
Keep the pressure on. Your voice matters!

Coverage in Life in Bush's America story "That's Gay"

Read Tampa Tribune's Story "Storms Irate At Gay Flier At A Library" and information on Coverage Coverage

Ric Sulllivan
: Helping out at the County Office Building
I would like to see a person or people walking around the County Office Bldg downtown everyday, Mon. through Fri, from 8'ish to 5'ish. Some are already doing it from 4:30 to 5:30 pm every work day. I was there today right after noon, carrying my flag, answering questions about why I was there, and waving to honks and waves of support. If you have any time during the day, park your car nearby, feed the meter, take your flag or sign and walk around and around the building as long as you can. Then come back another day and stay for a few minutes or a few hours. Let's get in their faces!


2005 Sponsors:

Hillsborough County:
Ronda Storms
County Commissioner, District 4
Call her : 813.272.5740
Fax : 813.272.7049